It always is a great feeling when you buy something site unseen and your expectations are exceeded. I was very hesitant at first to pay $1,000 for something without seeing it first, but I went ahead and figured if I was not happy I could always return it to Amazon. Prior to buying a did my share of research and found that the treamdill had won several recent awards and there were several features that drew my attention.



1 – When I jog on the treadmill there is NO movement in the console. This treadmill replaced our old Proform and the console would shake violently.

2 – I really like the handlebar controls. It is nice when jogging to be able to adjust the speed and incline from the grips instead of slowing down and moving closer to the console to make the adjustments.

3 – The USB feature and membership kit has been great for accountability and tracking. I don't think that I am using all the features yet but what I am using so far is great for logging.

4 – The treadmill is very quiet even at the 5-6 mph range that I usually run at. The console does have the speakers and iPod jack but I have this set up in a den / game room where we have a TV so I have not needed to use the speakers yet.

5 – The treadmill is easy to fold and unfold.

I am not sure if this is standard or not but our old treadmill had the pin on the side that you had to pull to lock it into the side of the frame when folded and when you unfolded all the weight was on you when you lowered. This treadmill has shocks and you just push the shock with the foot and the treadmill unfolds itself.

6 – We are trying to get the family involved more in fitness and being active. I just got the boys a heavy bag and getting them to use the treamdill as well. The treadmill has a step counting feature…which is really fun for us to play games with the boys like — who can go 1,000 steps the fastest. things to try to keep their interest and make it fun for them.

7 – Assembly and delivery was easier than expected although see Con's below for one trouble spot

8 – This really has nothing to do with the performance

but the design and aesthetics are really nice. The old treadmill was big, black and an eye sore and we tried to keep it out of the way (out of sight out of mind) but this treamdill has nice platinum colors and looks really nice in the room.

The Cons:

1 – To date the only con that I have is the treadmill is almost fully assembled in the box. However you do need to attach the console and make the wire connections. The issue that I had was that there is a three sets of wires…they are color coded and labeled which was fine but you have to be carefull where you house the wires when putting on the back cover.

Overall our family is VERY pleased with the treadmill. It really is exciting to see our kids being more active as well. I would strongly recommend this treamdill.

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