These boots are adorable and comfortable. I ordered a size 8 from Amazon and they fit me like a size 7-7.5 so I had to return them. I ended up buying a pair of size 9 from eBay (more expensive, but the size 9 was no longer available on Amazon) and they fit perfectly with some extra room at the toe. Since they

run about half to one size smaller than the Amazon sizing chart, order a half or a whole size up from your usual. They have just a *tiny* pinch of arch support and are therefore not totally flat like a lot of designer boots, so they make for a comfortable, quality and stylish travel boot if you're on your feet a lot. Also, the ones sent from eBay had repainted soles and were quite a bit stretchier in the leather siding (ankle up) than the ones from Amazon, making me suspect that either the boots were slightly used/a display pair, or that the construction varies a bit depending on the size.

UPDATE: The soles

are indeed quite smooth (as you can see in the picture of the shoe from below) and provide little traction on slippery surfaces, but no less than other shoes, namely heels or ballet flats, tend to have. So you have to be mindful of your walking if it's slick out, like you would with heels, flats or other mainly dressy shoes. A better boot would have more grip, but that might mean looking at a higher price if you want something similar in appearance. After wearing these for about 6 months while my joint condition has worsened, I can say that these lovelies have saved my ankles through providing some stability

there. However, my feet are getting flatter and that *tiny* pinch of support doesn't cut it for me anymore. I've thrown in some Dr. Scholl's, and although it was a close fit at first, it's really working for me now. So if your tootsies pronate (roll inwards at the instep), you might (depending on your level of discomfort) plan on getting an insert. That may or may not effect the size to order; if you are in such a position, you might want to consider getting the inserts first to determine which shoe size would be best.

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