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Montreals Arcade Fire is

Montreals Arcade Fire is frequently credited with supplying the spark that ignited its music scene, propelling the North American city into the leagues of previous alternative rock hotbeds like New York, Athens Georgia and Seattle. Whether the Montreal scene went on to equal that of 1990s Seattle is debatable – in fact the explosion is [...]

If you want to

If you want to be a good writer, you need to READ. This may seem self-evident, but you would be amazed at how many writers I talk to who do not ever read. I hear excuses such as 1. I dont have time 2. I cant afford to buy books libraries folks! 3. I dont [...]

The new American tea

The new American tea culture places high value on stress reduction perhaps partially attributable to the relaxing properties of L-Theanine-a natural amino compound occurring in tea, product purity and exotic teaware and other brewing accessories the after-market for tea accoutrements is substantial compared to espresso-based drinks. Until the boom in Ready To Drink teas circa [...]

So this is what keeps troubling me

So this is what keeps troubling me about the book as an adult reader, I cannot decide if this is merely a guilty pleasure, or a book with substance that, as the cover says, “explores the effects of war and violence on those coming of age.” Professional reviewers and Amazon reviewers alike seem to agree [...]

You know those words

You know those words in the top bar of the browser when youre on a website? You may not have noticed them before now, but youll want to pay attention to what shows there for your site from now on. Those words are from the pages title meta tag, a part of the code that [...]

Sugarland is perhaps the

Sugarland is perhaps the most utilitarian band name of all-time. Its such a non-descriptive appellation that it gives no hint to the bands musical genre. Most band names at least point to some general type of music. For example, when you hear a name like Metallica you immediately know its a heavy metal band. When [...]

For years, I led

For years, I led single-session teleseminars and sold them as products without doing any audio editing. The recording service I was using created the recordings for me so they started with my Hello and ended after my Goodbye, and contained everything that happened in between. When I shifted from offering one-off teleclasses to multi-session classes, [...]

Copyright c 2010 Lisa Mazurka

Copyright c 2010 Lisa Mazurka Clinical Research Consulting, Inc. CRCI a contract research organization located in Boston, MA continues to attract pharmaceutical industry sponsors to its unique monitoring service model. Our model is unique and different from many CROs in the industry states Lisa Mazurka, CRCIs Founder and President. First, we hire and work with [...]

Copyright c 2009-2010 Norm Howe

Copyright c 2009-2010 Norm Howe The U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA announced plans to publish a compliance guide that will provide assistance to small dietary supplement manufacturers who are trying to implement good manufacturing practices cGMP legislation. In 2007, the final rule of the GMP legislation was passed, which provided standards specific to supplements [...]

Online gambling regulation, debate

Online gambling regulation, debate and controversy has become one of the hottest issues on the face of the planet. Since online casinos began to become prevalent over the Internet with an estimated count of 2300 as of 2005, countries, lawmakers, gaming industries and individuals have been battling over whether it should be legalized and regulated [...]