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Emerging in roughly the

Emerging in roughly the 5th Century CE, the Celtic cross is an enduring symbol marking both cultural identity and religious faith. Adopted by Protestants and Catholics alike as a symbol of Christ-consciousness, the Celtic cross also has broad significance as a marker of cultural identity and heritage. Though legends abound concerning its origins, no factual [...]

Kamau Austin

Written by Kamau Austin We spend a lot of time and energy thinking of ways to reduce our weight but we need to think about the bones that form the basic structure of the very same body. Bone density is an important factor in helping us stay young and on our toes. Bone density needs [...]

I actually bought this from another retailer

I actually bought this from another retailer (sorry Amazon, I love you!) and I'm VERY pleased with the performance of this camera. I actually have mounted mine outside the house using the (included) aluminum mounting bracket. Please note that this camera is NOT waterproof therefore I have it mounted under the eaves where it will [...]

I am a fan of electric scooters.

I am a fan of electric scooters. I have recently given up riding the big bikes. I sold my Vulcan 1500 Classic. Loved it but since I have turned 70, it got a little scary. I have a 200 GT Vespa that is cool and not scary and I bought a couple of e zips [...]

I bought this drum set about 5

I bought this drum set about 5 weeks ago at the local Wholesale Membership store due to the Cost, about 2/3 of the quoted price here on Amazon. The set was on display, and after listening to the cymbals on the headphones I decided to buy it. I purchased the set specifically to add a [...]

Having owned both a Cobra Radar Detector

Having owned both a Cobra Radar Detector (absolute crap!), and a Passport 8500 (excellent, but it was stolen) I had went out searching again for a replacement for my Passport. While I loved it, I was not going to pay $300 for another one. On searching through Amazon, I came upon this Whistler and saw [...]

Black tea has helped

Black tea has helped to revolutionize the beverage market. Over the years, the exotic drink had become the worlds most popular tea. In fact, 80 percent of the tea consumed in the U.S. is actually of the black tea variety. Perhaps black tea is so popular because of its boldness-it is darker and stronger than [...]

Charlie Butler bought a

Charlie Butler bought a truck one morning and jauntily began driving it back home. He didnt even get out of town. The right front wheel came off and bounded down a steep hill. It was still gathering speed when it smashed through a privacy fence, then exploded through the homes patio window and finally came [...]

Petit Larceny, sometimes referred

Petit Larceny, sometimes referred to as Petty Larceny, is defined in New York State as a theft of property valued at less than $1000. In contrast, Grand Larceny is a theft of property at least $1000 in value. A lot of people mistakenly assume that a misdemeanor is such a small crime that the offense [...]

The Forex market is

The Forex market is often more appealing to people that like to live on the edge. There is more uncertainty by far and the rewards of knowing when to buy and sell can be immense. For those of you who dont know, the Forex stands for, Foreign Exchange Market. The Forex deals in all different [...]