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The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home

The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit plus Amazon's free shipping equals beer-making's Keep It Simple and Sweet solution. As a beginning home brewer, I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on an elaborate home brew kit nor have to read tons of books on how to do it. My goal was [...]

Copyright c 2007-2010 Marcus Stout

Copyright c 2007-2010 Marcus Stout For the tea drinker, visiting a well run tea room or high quality hotel or restaurant that serves high quality loose leaf tea can be a very enjoyable experience. In addition to the taste and sense of well being and serenity that high quality loose leaf tea offers, the tea [...]

Even in the worst

Even in the worst of times, I believed in miracles. . . . Why wouldnt I? My family and business are all tied together in one neat package as the result of a tiny little miracle named Jillian. And in the period of 6 years, I have moved in warp speed from the unemployment line [...]

Over the summer, a

Over the summer, a marketing guru was grilling me about my audio courses when I could hear him suddenly sit up straight and pay attention in a different way. What? You had 12 people each paying $997 for your over-the-telephone course? Geez, thats like $12,000 – for how many hours? Eight hours?! Yes, thats right. [...]

RESEARCH After doing research for months, I ended up buying the 65ST30 from Amazon for $2050 last month. I'm a first time Plasma buyer, so researched QUITE a bit into this technology. I was surprised how far Plasmas have come along. I used to think they don't have a long life, or are an outdated [...]

Your staff are many

Your staff are many things they are your front line PR organisation they are your sales force they are your restaurant critic …and many other things too. Always hire employees who like people. You want people that are enthusiastic and fun. Restaurant people need to be people people. You do not hire people that are [...]

High cholesterol is one

High cholesterol is one of the leading precursors to heart disease. And, research has shown that our diet and lifestyle, combined with our genetics determines whether we have healthy or unhealthy cholesterol levels. To keep your cholesterol levels in check and prevent heart disease, there are several measures you can take. The first is diet. [...]

Copyright c 2008-2010 Ron Crowe

Copyright c 2008-2010 Ron Crowe The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, one of the worlds largest trading centers for securities, has over 3,000 United States companies listed. North American and other foreign companies are choosing Europe, over the United States, to go public because of the punishing Sarbanes Oxley Act introduced in the United States in 2002. [...]

I first found out about this company

I first found out about this company on Amazon and was intrigued by the consistently positive reviews on both their product (the Super Turbo 800) and the company itself. When I saw they had come out with a lithium ion-based scooter, the Super Turbo 1000, and the specs and price that they were selling it [...]

Mention horses in California

Mention horses in California and some people will give you a bit of a strange look. Those who are unfamiliar with California with the exception of wine country in the Napa Valley and major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, for example, might wonder exactly where people in California would keep their [...]