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If you are a

If you are a newbie to the world of expired domain names, buying a good domain name is not as simple as it looks or feels. If you succeed in buying a good expired domain name, your buyers will find it an attractive option to purchase it even at a very good price. On the [...]


(TOP 50 REVIEWER) I am a watch addict/collector. I have written a couple of reviews on Timex watches that I own here on Amazon and revealed that I own gobs of watches. I have at one point or currently own Tag Heuer, Gucci, Skagen, Swatch, Swiss Army, Nike, Tudor, 2 Ironman Timex and 2 Expedition [...]

After a long research we decided to

After a long research we decided to purchase the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill among others. At first I was a little concerned about Horizon customer service reviews however Amazon customer service reviews were good enough for me to purchase the item. I also tested the same item at a local store. The shipping was lightning [...]

With early detection, cancer

With early detection, cancer is no longer an automatic death sentence. However, an initial diagnosis still brings with it a host of questions What is the best course of treatment? Are conventional approaches best? Or are non-traditional therapies preferableparticularly if the cancer does not seem to respond to chemotherapy and radiation. In recent years, a [...]

Copyright c 2007-2010 Marc Choyt

Copyright c 2007-2010 Marc Choyt A few jewelry companies today differentiate themselves from the competition by branding themselves as producing green or fair trade jewelry. Theyre taking advantage of a growing market that values socially responsible business practices. As a consumer, how do you determine the level of sincerity of these companies which are screaming [...]

For years, I led

For years, I led single-session teleseminars and sold them as products without doing any audio editing. The recording service I was using created the recordings for me so they started with my Hello and ended after my Goodbye, and contained everything that happened in between. When I shifted from offering one-off teleclasses to multi-session classes, [...]

This Plasma is replacing a 3yr old

This Plasma is replacing a 3yr old Hatachi 50″ 701. That was my first Plasma I owned. It served me well. A back-story. Last month a purchased the LG lv9500 from a at home shopping network. It took weeks to arrive. The full NANO LED LCD was amazing! I never saw HD look so good. [...]

White tea is fast

White tea is fast becoming a very popular drink in the Western world. Once consumed only in China and Japan, and only for the most elegant of occasions, white tea is now being consumed as an everyday beverage for people all over the world. White tea is special because of its very light and delicate [...]

I bought an E100 from Amazon for

I bought an E100 from Amazon for my 7-year-old son about 45 days ago. I can tell you that only rain and wet roads have prevented him from riding it daily! At first, my wife and I questioned my judgment in buying it for him. The first time he got on it, he lost control [...]

The healthcare industry in

The healthcare industry in the United States is dominated by the culture of conventional Western medicine. And health insurance caters to those who control the industry medical doctors and hospitals. There is a long history of prejudice against chiropractic by medical doctors, which is one reason that chiropractic care is not often covered by health [...]