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I received this TV a few days

I received this TV a few days ago. It was delivered on time (ordered Labor Day Monday – received Friday – WOW!) from Amazon's shipper in pristine condition. The delivery personnel put it where I wanted and asked if I wanted it unpacked (which I did not – wasn't ready to hang yet). As we [...]

Even in the worst

Even in the worst of times, I believed in miracles. . . . Why wouldnt I? My family and business are all tied together in one neat package as the result of a tiny little miracle named Jillian. And in the period of 6 years, I have moved in warp speed from the unemployment line [...]

Located 91 miles west

Located 91 miles west of Rochester, New York and 31 miles north of Buffalo, NY, Niagara on the Lake is on the south shore of Lake Ontario, where the Niagara River spills into Lake Ontario. It can be found just 15-20 minutes downstream north from Niagara Falls on the Canadian side of the Niagara River. [...]

I ordered this from Amazon for $694

I ordered this from Amazon for $694 and I got $10 off with a coupon I had plus the shipping was free and they brought it right up into my apartment so all I had to do was install it. The install is very simple just screw it into the stand, plug in all the [...]

The rating given for this TV

NOTE The rating given for this TV is NOT for Amazon's service, the delivery company's service, or Panasonic in general. The rating is just for the TV but I will include other comments below in order to help those planning to buy the TV from Amazon. The TC-P55VT30 Television I did some research and settled [...]

One of the big

One of the big mistakes many business owners make is coming across as if they are perfect and have no faults. But heres the problem with this. Perfection doesnt endear you to anyone. And everybody knows its false. Think about the people you know well they have fears, they have insecurities, they have emotional issues. [...]

Most of us know

Most of us know that one of the leading contributors to heart disease is high cholesterol. And, weve all been told to limit our saturated fats to help lower our cholesterol levels. But, what you may not realize is that simply drinking green tea you can help reduce the effects of the cholesterol in your [...]

Please note per my information below:

Update Please note per my information below product description and photo are no longer accurate. The product has a sealed lid, not a “pop-top lid” and the amount of protein and sodium have changed. See below for the correct information. I have notified Amazon of this error. Somehow 5 grams of protein have been “lost” [...]

I ordered the LifeSpan based exclusively on

I ordered the LifeSpan based exclusively on the positive Amazon reviews. It was a few hundred dollars more than another model I was considering, but for something this big, this heavy, and this expensive that I will hopefully use for a few decades, I figured the few hundred dollars would be worth the investment. I [...]

Historical reenactments are one

Historical reenactments are one of the fastest growing hobbies in America, and its no surprise. Our history as Americans defines how we are today. Through learning from the past, we can appreciate all the sacrifices and hard work that our ancestors made in order to secure our freedoms. Civil war and Old west replicas are [...]