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Have you ever wondered

Have you ever wondered what the largest company is in your city? I did. Im in Columbus, Ohio, and I was sure that Nationwide Insurance was the largest company by revenue here. I was wrong. It turns out theres an entire JP Morgan Chase entity based right here in my hometown. So that got me [...]

As a bonafide Atlanta

As a bonafide Atlanta Braves fan, let me just say that I dont easily excite over specific players. The whole game is so diluted with the comings and goings of various players, its hard sometimes to keep up with who is on what team this season. I mean, you know the drill, you get Chicago [...]

Copyright c 2007-2010 Robert Vayner

Copyright c 2007-2010 Robert Vayner Diamond Jewelry! What does that phrase bring to mind for you? Do you imagine an engagement ring? Perhaps it makes you think of a great King or Queen. You may even picture a burglar trying to gain access to a closely guarded museum exhibit. Just the mention of diamond jewelry [...]

I was worried to buy this generator

I was worried to buy this generator after I was reading all the other evaluations… for nothing. It turned out to be a great buy! Super fast shipping from Amazon – in less than 48 hours in front of my door with super saver shipping (free). No problem about transport damage – the generator was [...]

Bananas are the worlds

Bananas are the worlds favorite fruit and many nations depend on banana trees to supply its citizens with this delicious food product to save them from famines. Bananas are available on markets year round and are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, containing only small hollow seed that are infertile. Ornamental bananas, Musa ensete and [...]

RESEARCH After doing research for months, I ended up buying the 65ST30 from Amazon for $2050 last month. I'm a first time Plasma buyer, so researched QUITE a bit into this technology. I was surprised how far Plasmas have come along. I used to think they don't have a long life, or are an outdated [...]

In a time where netbooks have been

In a time where netbooks have been thrown under the bus and replaced by pretty, fancy tablets like the HP Slate and IPad, Asus shows that they have mastered the netbook by releasing a refined version of the already stellar 1015 series. This is my second netbook and I also own a IPad, Dell v13, [...]

I bought an E100 from Amazon for

I bought an E100 from Amazon for my 7-year-old son about 45 days ago. I can tell you that only rain and wet roads have prevented him from riding it daily! At first, my wife and I questioned my judgment in buying it for him. The first time he got on it, he lost control [...]

Accepting credit cards is

Accepting credit cards is becoming a must for entrepreneurs and small businesses in todays business environment. There are numerous social, demographic and technological factors combining to make plastic the payment form of choice for increasing numbers of people. By the Numbers The average American cardholder has roughly four bank credit cards. Credit card purchase volume [...]

It seems that many

It seems that many of us are dieting today. And, were always looking for ways to make dieting easier and more effective. Of course, we know that diet and exercise are critical components of any weight loss or weight maintenance program, but there are some other tricks you can use to help make your dieting [...]