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After reading reviews on Amazon, I almost

After reading reviews on Amazon, I almost took my Dremel Trio back because I thought maybe that I wasn't getting a good tool that I could use to do wood working. But after reading and studying the reviews a little closer, I came to the conclusion that most people giving negative review either didn't know [...]

I am a fan of electric scooters.

I am a fan of electric scooters. I have recently given up riding the big bikes. I sold my Vulcan 1500 Classic. Loved it but since I have turned 70, it got a little scary. I have a 200 GT Vespa that is cool and not scary and I bought a couple of e zips [...]

I consider myself a serious amateur guitar

I consider myself a serious amateur guitar player. I purchased the SN-1 in order to tune my Gibson acoustic guitar. I wanted an alternative to my larger, more conventional Boss tuner w. microphone input. A guitar salesman recommended the SN-1 – he carries one in his pocket because he demonstrates several guitars each day, many [...]

During a typical mold

During a typical mold investigation, one of our first steps is an interview the client to determine specific details in regards to any known mold problems, any health complaints, or any known changes or defects at the subject property that may have resulted in mold or moisture problems. Next, a comprehensive visual inspection is conducted [...]

Copyright c 2007-2010 Marc Choyt

Copyright c 2007-2010 Marc Choyt A few jewelry companies today differentiate themselves from the competition by branding themselves as producing green or fair trade jewelry. Theyre taking advantage of a growing market that values socially responsible business practices. As a consumer, how do you determine the level of sincerity of these companies which are screaming [...]

Las Vegas is truly

Las Vegas is truly Cirque du Soleils home away from home. Sin City currently has numerous Cirque du Soleil shows including The Beatles Love, Viva Elvis, K, Mystre, O, Zumanity, and Criss Angel Believe. Each production plays at a different resort/casino and most are performed in a theatre specifically created just for Cirque. Every night [...]

Travel Alberta

Written by Travel Alberta Their books are not your typical Alberta guidebooks http// /, littered with service details and predictable scenic drives through Banff National Park. Both their books do indeed cover roadtrips but the scenery tends to focus on groaning boards around the province. However, this specific report zooms in on big cities exactly [...]

I bought an E100 from Amazon for

I bought an E100 from Amazon for my 7-year-old son about 45 days ago. I can tell you that only rain and wet roads have prevented him from riding it daily! At first, my wife and I questioned my judgment in buying it for him. The first time he got on it, he lost control [...]

Love this pedal!… LOVE IT!… Ordered on

Love this pedal!… LOVE IT!… Ordered on April 29, 2009 with free super-saver shipping… Had it in my hands on May 4, 2009 (and the transit time included 2 weekend days!…). FINE JOB, AMAZON! M-Audio SP-2 US65010 Sustain Pedal Piano Style Sustain Pedal for Keyboards LET'S SEE, WHERE TO BEGIN?… I looked at several brands [...]

Think no small business

Think no small business owner in his or her right mind would ever make it difficult for people to purchase their products and services? Before you answer the question, read the following true story. True Story Judys Boutique Adventure Not too long ago, I was running errands and, having a little extra time, decided to [...]