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Entries for June, 2013

I use to use Logic Pro back

I use to use Logic Pro back in the day of Atari Falcon and STE1080. then i went to PC and used Logic 4.7. Though i never used the audio with it back then due to the instability of the product. It was easier to use a Mackie HDR 24/96 with midi clock to sync. [...]

Most of us know

Most of us know that one of the leading contributors to heart disease is high cholesterol. And, weve all been told to limit our saturated fats to help lower our cholesterol levels. But, what you may not realize is that simply drinking green tea you can help reduce the effects of the cholesterol in your [...]

Emerging in roughly the

Emerging in roughly the 5th Century CE, the Celtic cross is an enduring symbol marking both cultural identity and religious faith. Adopted by Protestants and Catholics alike as a symbol of Christ-consciousness, the Celtic cross also has broad significance as a marker of cultural identity and heritage. Though legends abound concerning its origins, no factual [...]

What is an article

What is an article resource box? For those who may be some what new to the field of internet business and article marketing the resource box is the small biography about the author of the article with a hyperlink to his website. Most articles have this at the end of the article. Resource boxes are [...]

Hiking one of the

Hiking one of the many trails in the State of Florida offers a great probability of giving the hiker an experience to remember. Once you go on one hike, then you are ready for your next hike. The hiking is both interesting and marvelous, on the dozens of hiking trails available to the public in [...]


(TOP 500 REVIEWER) Durability 4.0 out of 5 stars Fun 5.0 out of 5 stars Educational 3.0 out of 5 stars I just ordered two sets of these one as a gift 2 days ago and 1 today for my self. My friends children have these and I observed them playing with them. They seemed [...]

I worked a bunch

I worked a bunch of stupid jobs. These are the words of one of the smartest internet marketers on todaytms internet marketing circuit. This man who worked as pizza delivery boy before is now known as the man who is continuously carrying on the most up-to-date advances in the internettms Information Marketing industry. Dean is [...]

The list of former

The list of former American Idol contestants album sales, dramatically shows the commercial success that has been shared by many of the hit TV shows alumni. It is becoming evident that any associations with American Idol can mean an increased level of success. Although there is no guarantee that being a contestant on American Idol [...]

In the world of

In the world of internet marketing, making your website sell is the key to success. A few years ago, Ken Evoy has started to appear in the internet marketing world. During that time, he was not really known to people active in the internet marketing business. However, after only after a very short time, Ken [...]

I consider myself a serious amateur guitar

I consider myself a serious amateur guitar player. I purchased the SN-1 in order to tune my Gibson acoustic guitar. I wanted an alternative to my larger, more conventional Boss tuner w. microphone input. A guitar salesman recommended the SN-1 – he carries one in his pocket because he demonstrates several guitars each day, many [...]