Written by Clinton Douglas IV Copywriting is a career suitable for both the corporate and freelance worlds. So its an ideal resource for businesses – from start-ups to restaurants, local shops, professional service providers and real estate agents – to acquire the professional copywriting and editing they need. Hiring a freelance copywriter means you avoid hiring a permanent, full-time

employee, paying for benefits, office space, a computer and equipment. If youre looking for as-needed copy writing or editing work for your next brochure, press release, advertisement, annual report, website, business proposal, article, technical manual, newsletter or other written piece, heres are a few tips on finding the right one: * Look on freelance job boards like Elance.com or Guru.com. Youll find hundreds of providers with varying credentials and backgrounds. Providers earn feedback for their services, so you can see exactly what other clients have said. * Check with any advertising or design agency. Typically these businesses either have copywriters on staff or work with freelancers on an as-needed basis. They should be able to recommend one or two.

* Expand your geographic view. Today, the Internet and email lets us work with service professionals at just about any locale. You might find a more qualified writer out of your geographic vicinity. * You get what you pay for. Sure, you can probably find a writer in India offering $5 per page for writing services. But keep in mind, you do get what you pay for. Check credentials, background and previous writing samples. You could be sacrificing quality content, native language word use and familiarity with the American culture for price. You can also find yourself in a costly lawsuit should you find later that your published piece is plagiarized. Realize youre hiring a service provider and, as such, paying for someones time. So, like a plumber, lawyer or attorney,

your responsible for payment whether or not you acquire the intended results. Review their previous writing samples carefully, ensure they have the background you need, then trust theyll do the right job for your business.

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