Yes i know i misspell that, anyhow, i wanted to write this review mainly beceause there is no other one and beceause i am completly satisfied with Amazon and Paul tv's. I bought two of these from Paul's tv's fullfiled by Amazon, they arrived just in time, well 1 day later than schedule but just in time for my plans.

I decided to upgrade my tv set

from my not too old Vizio 42 inch 120 hz to this one after a visit to a SAMS store, they had like 10 TV's from different brands, this one on a 55 inch model next to a Sony 55 inch, the Samsung was far better than the Sony image wise, on that moment i decided samsung was the way to go, then i saw some 60 inch models from other brands like sharp and other, so i also concluded that 60 inch was the way to go, so that is how i decided to buy this samsung un60d6400 model, one for my self and one for my brother.

I never understood the concept of deep blacks at least until now, this tv set has showed me what deep blacks are all about, and boy, they look good.

After wacthing Michael Jackson's “This is it” for

the “n”th time i can say that it looks way better in this Samsung than in my old Vizio…I cant wait to receive my new Home theather after the old one burn out within a test going wrong…

I can also say,that i never watched dish standard definition signal so well before this tv… not even with the so aclaimed anchor bay 2010 chip which turn out to be a deception, anyhow my new audio receiver was bought on audio basis only and not video chip, athough it states that it has the new Marvell chip, i plan to have all my connections direct to my tv through HDMI. HD from dish looks awesome.

I have only wacth one 3d movie, Megamind it looks ok… i need to see more…

I have also tested the wired lan conection

from the SMART TV. The Rango HD trailer from the smart lan conection looks superb!!!, I dont know why but it looks far better than Dish HD… anyhow 80% of the time i will use this set with my pc trough HDMI so i have access to all the web, but you tube works ok on smart tv, the remote doesnt have a keyboard but i dont care as i am not planning on using this frequently.

The TV is so slim that it looks so nice hanging on my wall with an ultra slim mount that i also bought from amazon, great buy also…The TV screen is just 1.5 inches from the wall.

Conclusion: i am one happy camper with this tv set,it is not cheap but it worths it.I would recommend this over the sony or the sharp aquos quatron.