Pre-ordered mine the day it went up on Amazon. Got it last week.

Now I'd like to say first, I come from a WDTV Live. If anyone has had a WDTV Live since it came out, you know what that means.

If you have also purchased and used a Boxee Box, you probably find the “problems” it has fairly entertaining.

With the WDTV Live you couldn't have two folders, one called Video 1 and the other called Video 2, because that got really

confusing for it, so it would randomly show you one, or the other, or sometimes neither. You couldn't manually enter IP addresses, the UI was, at the time, the best around (not anymore!), they bricked two of my units with a bad firmware update (and then basically said people with crappy wifi were the only ones affected, even though mine never touch wifi and only replaced them with refurbished units in varying condition lol).

But to last thursday. UPS man shows up, I crack open box, unplug WDTV Live, plug Boxee Box in, turn on, update available, fingers crossed (please don't pull a WD on me!!!), updates fine, create a boxee login (wish this was optional), goto Files -> <machinenamehere> -> Videos, click Add, select Music, Video, Pcitures for filetypes, done. After a quick scan I went to Files -> Movies everything is just there, cover art and info

and all!!!

It really doesn't get a lot simpler than that! Then again I learned the hard way to make SURE that your networking setup is as simple and straightforward as possible. No external drive hooked up to my router/UPnP media streamer. Just a Windows 7 machine with a fileshare, no NFS server, just video files in a folder on a machine. The less straightforward your setup, the more points of possible failure.

That said, again, I ADORE this thing. The remote, ugh, RF, I love it!!! The Flickr app is a DREAM!!!

The CEO is on twitter a LOT and from what I can tell he isn't just replying, he's actually SEARCHING twitter for people talking about boxee and trying to preemptively help them out…!!!

This thing is, on day one, better than the WDTV Live is after, what, a year? Hell it's better than a WDTV Live with b.radd's custom firmware

(which went a long ways towards fixing a lot of the problems WD wouldn't).

Google TV doesn't play YOUR media with any thoroughness. Apple TV doesn't play YOUR media hardly at all (unless you get it all from them, and that means never being able to go with anyone BUT them unless you want to lose your media library). Roku just doesn't compare. Popcorn hour, man it's powerful but the UI is soooooo ugly.

The WDTV Live was, sadly, the best media streaming box on the market…until last hursday.

I ABSOLUTELY love my Boxee Box!!!

I would describe my use as very, VERY, heavy and my technical level as very high.

And my satisfaction level as through the roof. :)

Is it perfect? No. But it's a million miles beyond where I thought it would be on day one, and their reaction so far has been perfect!