This tv is probably one of the best TV (55 or 65 inch) you can get at the consumer level in 2011. The Sony HX929, and maybe the PNXXD8000 Plasma are up there. I have a problem with the Samsung plasma set sacrificing black levels in order to do 1080p24 properly. 1080p/24 is what these TVs are typically used for so that alone is a deal breaker. The Sharp Elite is not even considered because it is too damn expensive. I can take the money for the Sharp

Elite and buy two 65vt30! For those who are on the fence about plasma technology and thinking that LED-LCD are “the way to go.” I'd advise a high-end/midrange plasma set like the GT/VT series over any LED-LCD 240Hz unless you only plan to use the set during the day to watch Oprah and Dr. Phil. If you plan to use your display mainly as watching awesome blu-ray movies – Plasma! Plasma! Local-dimming LEDLCD sets like the Sony HX929 set are very good, but also cost $500-800+ more than an equivalent size high-end plasma set. For home theatre purposes, I'd recommend staying away from edgelit LEDLCDs like Samsungs UNXX7000 or lower model. The light bleed from those sets is horrible for watching movies (unless you only watch Avatar and Disney/Dreamworks cartoons). I guarantee that if you let the wife pick out the TV, 99% of the time she will chose the Samsung LEDLCD over everything else because

the color are very “vibrant” on the showroom floor and its very sleek bezel design. Viera Connect/Cast is an average interface. The one big gripe I have is that it still uses the outdated Netflix interface and not the newer one where you can search. Streaming HD shows on Netflix is excellent as long as you have a capable router and not too far away from the source. I just don't understand why some people have problems unless they got a cheap wifi router or the tv is just too far from the source. I streamed a few HD programs from Netflix and my guests mistakenly thought I was playing it from the Blu-ray player. The quality is very good. Remote – Nothing special, does what it needs for TV viewing and configuring. Not very good for Youtube and any kind of text entry unless you are super good at texting on the number pad. Too bad it wont instantly recognize LOL and LMFAO. Picture Quality – Amazing.

The best part is that out of the box, the THX mode provides very good starting point for color accuracy and gamma. So if you want to save $400 bucks, the THX mode for 3D/2D would suffice. Most enthusiast will recommend proper calibration since this TV is made for calibration. There's a software built-in that can only be access with proper equipments. A certified ISFccc person will be able to optimally give you a night and day mode. Sound Quality – Average. It definetly sound better than the Samsung TV sets, but nothing that will rival even a HTIB setup. EDIT: A few weeks with this TV and I have to say: BEST TV for the money. You could make the argument that the GT series is a better value, but the PQ and design of this TV is worth the upgrade. LED is still relatively new and not ready for prime time. I am so glad that I exchanged the Samsung UN55D8000 for this.