As a System Admin, I am always asked for assistance from coworkers and friends when it comes to computers and nearly everything tech related. I was asked by a good friend what to do about her 5 year old HP which had died. I recommended replacing the computer as it had done nothing but cause frustrations for her for the past couple years.

After talking to her about her needs, I concluded that this Asus EEE PC fit her needs pretty well, especially on the most important metric for her: Price!

The machine meets all the amazon listed specs, but some of the specs listed in the various narratives across the web vary, so trust that the specs that Amazon posts are accurate. The RAM, the net-books weakest point is easily replaceable, and Amazon even offers a bundle which includes a compatible 2GB Dimm, making the choice pretty easy.

Overall, I am very impressed with the build quality, as normal, and also happy with the touch-pad, which other reviews mention as a problem. I expect that most users who use

these will also have some kind of USB mouse which negates the whole touch-pad issue anyway. The systems is surprisingly snappy considering that it has an Atom processor, albeit a dual core chip. It's no gaming rig, but it is perfectly suited for someone who wants a portable machine to work with desktop applications.

The keyboard: many people have issues with the small chick-let keyboard. Once used to it, even I with my massive fingers can get a pretty good speed out of the keyboard. The size makes it perfect for my user and children who have tiny fingers who really appreciate the short key depth, and the good tactile feeling of a key-press. Compared to the IBM

S10, I am very impressed with the feeling. The best comparison is to a slightly shrunk down Macbook Pro keyboard.

Windows Starter: Why did Microsoft even let this get released. I understand that it is to get people a taste of the full Windows experience, but no machine should ever ship with it. Starter is more of a trial/shareware version of the OS and should be replaced if possible.

All gripes aside I do highly recommended it as a budget portable, but make no mistake, it't not a graphics workstation, gaming machine but a nice, portable system that meets most users needs very well at a price that is in-line with most peoples budgets.