I have used many microphones, from expensive Neumanns, Sennheisers, Sure, AKG to the less expensive Berringer B2 Pro and Sony. I spent over 8 years in professional radio and 30 plus years doing voice over recording and sound mixing, so I have heard and used all types of mics and I have to rate the Blue Yeti at the top of my list for many reasons. First is sound quality, all the patterns

have a smooth, open sound, the cardioid pattern has added richness for voice over work, comparable dare I say to a Sennheiser or Sure. The sound in all the patterns was not colored or muted at any frequency level, which what is I was expecting in the stereo mode, but in that pattern, voices sound great and an acoustic guitar sounded rich, plucky and natural. Next is the construction of the mic and stand, from the pictures I was expecting plastic, nope, it is made of very solid metal , except the buttons and switches. Third is the versatility, you can record almost anything in any type of circumstance not just adequately, but with excellence, try that with a $2,000.00 Neumann! The set up could not be easier, just plug it into your USB jack and let her rip. I only

paid $100.00 on Amazon,a true bargain, for what is a top notch piece of gear, where the engineers of this product really took their time to design something of real quality and looks like a piece of art. The Yeti also stands up to audio processing, where I have to say all of the other mics I have used for under $200.00 show their weaknesses. The only thing I would like to see is a shock mount made for this mic, it is just too big for all of my other mounts, but the Yeti does not seem to pick up as much vibration from the table as other mics do (I also use a slab of 1/4″ neoprene padding to absorb some table shock), and the Yeti has no real audible self noise. If you want a great microphone at an incredible price, the Blue Yeti is the one for you! Addendum 9-30-2011

My complaint about the shock mount has been resolved, with the Blue Radius, which I received a week ago from Amazon, which I love. Makes this great, and I mean great microphone even better. I have done side by side comparisons to the Neumann U87, the Sennhieser D421, the Lawson L47, all top notch and very expensive studio mics. The Yeti sounds as good. Of course you have to learn how to work a microphone properly to get the right sound. I cringe at some YouTube demos of this mic, some of the folks are not using this, and I'm sure other mike's correctly to get the best sound. Also the more I use the Yeti, the more seasoned it becomes, in comparison recordings done a year ago, the Yeti seems to get a smoother sound, as time goes by.