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Bananas are the worlds

Bananas are the worlds favorite fruit and many nations depend on banana trees to supply its citizens with this delicious food product to save them from famines. Bananas are available on markets year round and are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, containing only small hollow seed that are infertile. Ornamental bananas, Musa ensete and [...]

I have used many microphones, from expensive

I have used many microphones, from expensive Neumanns, Sennheisers, Sure, AKG to the less expensive Berringer B2 Pro and Sony. I spent over 8 years in professional radio and 30 plus years doing voice over recording and sound mixing, so I have heard and used all types of mics and I have to rate the [...]

Pure drinking water is

Pure drinking water is the basic element in any health oriented way of life. Although there is a great deal of water in the world less than 3% of the worlds fresh water is fit for human consumption and most of the so called drinkable water is not pure. For the consumer, there are really [...]

I was able to get this model

I was able to get this model a little early, and was excited to try it out in – what better city to test a camera? – Paris. The last Sony snapshot camera I used was on a trip in 2007, and I was so dissatisfied with that camera that I sold it immediately after [...]

As a System Admin, I am always

As a System Admin, I am always asked for assistance from coworkers and friends when it comes to computers and nearly everything tech related. I was asked by a good friend what to do about her 5 year old HP which had died. I recommended replacing the computer as it had done nothing but cause [...]

For years, I led

For years, I led single-session teleseminars and sold them as products without doing any audio editing. The recording service I was using created the recordings for me so they started with my Hello and ended after my Goodbye, and contained everything that happened in between. When I shifted from offering one-off teleclasses to multi-session classes, [...]

This tv is probably one of the

This tv is probably one of the best TV (55 or 65 inch) you can get at the consumer level in 2011. The Sony HX929, and maybe the PNXXD8000 Plasma are up there. I have a problem with the Samsung plasma set sacrificing black levels in order to do 1080p24 properly. 1080p/24 is what these [...]

Copyright c 2009-2010 Lisa Mazurka

Copyright c 2009-2010 Lisa Mazurka Training and education within the clinical research industry continues to be an important topic amongst clinical research professionals and regulators. While many industries have standard requirements for training and education within their profession, the clinical research industry does not mandate any requirements or standard baseline training curriculum. Because of this, [...]

Copyright c 2009-2010 Marcia Yudkin

Copyright c 2009-2010 Marcia Yudkin Recording and interviewing an expert on a topic that has value for a group of listeners is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a saleable product. This sort of teleseminar can also help drum up interest in an upcoming event as a free preview call. However, as [...]

Pre-ordered mine the day it went up

Pre-ordered mine the day it went up on Amazon. Got it last week. Now I'd like to say first, I come from a WDTV Live. If anyone has had a WDTV Live since it came out, you know what that means. If you have also purchased and used a Boxee Box, you probably find the [...]